Why a Pregnant Woman Should Choose the First Response Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy tests have been around for centuries. Even the ancient Egyptians used a test in which a woman would urinate on some grain. If it grew, a woman was pregnant. If not, she was not expecting. Modern scientists have even discovered some validity to this test, but today’s pregnancy tests have evolved significantly. One of the most popular is the First Response Early Results Test early results.

The First Response Test has many qualities that attract women. The greatest of these is the short time between conception and the ability of the First Response Test to indicate a pregnancy. This test is capable of revealing a woman’s pregnancy about four days before she misses her first period.

Like most other pregnancy tests, the First Response Test measures the amount of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in a woman’s urine. Higher amounts of this hormone indicate that a woman is pregnant.

The First Response Test comes with a plastic stick with a tip that absorbs the urine to be tested. It also has a unique grip at the opposite end for easy maneuverability.

The manufacturers recommend that a woman use the first urine of the day because it is more highly concentrated. The woman may urinate on the strip or into a cup and then dip the stick./p>

The First Response Test results will appear in three minutes. Two pink lines in the window of the test unit indicate that conception has taken place. One pink line tells the woman that she is not pregnant. If at least one pink line does not appear in the clear window, the woman has made an error and should take another test.

Studies using a control group have shown that 98.4% of the women who used the test had accurate results from it. Technicians who were used to working with the First Response Test had even better results. They had an accurate prediction rate of 99%.

The First Response Test is not affected by most drugs. These include birth control pills, antibiotics, and narcotics. Alcohol also has no influence on the results. Any medication containing the hormone hCG will affect the First Response Test results.