What is Protein Indigestion?

Protein indigestion is the inability of the human body to digest proteins properly. Eskimo’s who eat raw meat, blood; liver and bone marrow, from seal; walrus and fish seem to remain in good health. None of them suffer indigestion or constipation.

When they cooked and added salt to the food they were prone to terrible indigestion. It is a proven fact that those on a diet of raw meat and proteins have a lack of putrefactive acids in their urine. The more cooked the protein, the more of these acids spill over into the urine. It seems that the molecular structure between the raw and cooked meat is different. When the cooked meat is eaten, it is harder for human digestive organs to digest. This could be a major cause of protein indigestion.

When the human liver neutralizes the putrefaction products of well cooked protein indigestion, its sodium is depleted faster than the diet can replace it.

The liver begins to fail unless it is replenished with sodium rich foods such as, celery, zucchini, and cucumbers, to name a few. When the liver fails, the body can become toxic; this can lead to serious disease.

Studies have proven that high protein consumption can deplete the body of calcium. Even studies on the Eskimo, who eats more raw meat, show an increase in osteoporosis.

The best way to avoid protein indigestion would be to add more naturally, sodium rich foods to our diets and cut back a bit on the amount of protein we ingest. As for the depletion of calcium, we could drink more milk, but that is also a form of protein. Perhaps we should all look into taking a good calcium supplement. These seem like simple solutions but may be the best way to treat the problem of protein indigestion and calcium depletion.