Walking Fitness Supplies

Supplies for walking doesn't include a lot but there are some that can be bought to motivate you and help you with your fitness in all weather. Walking in the rain and snow is not the easiest thing. Rain walking is hard to stay dry in and snow it gets pretty cold and nasty at time. Some people do walk in the snow and rain but as we age it is not good.

Treadmills are for nasty weather and those that can’t get out of the house. Treadmills are good for walking in the cold and nasty weather. When buying a treadmill there are many choices out there. They come in different sizes and styles to do different thing. Treadmills especially the electric ones are not a good idea for people who have trouble with their balance.

The monitors on treadmills have an adjustable speed control with a safety cord to attached to your body incase of a fall to it will turn off automatically. The electric treadmill will also give you information on how far you’ve walked your heart rate and calories you’ve burned.

Shop around before buying one to be sure that you are able to walk on it. You can find a lot of research on the Internet to help you make the decision and give you a price range to consider as well.


I know bikes are not the same as walking but if you can’t get out and a treadmill is out of the question buying a bike might be something that you can do in the nasty weather or on one of the days that your not walking. When shopping for a bike is sure, you have enough space because they too come in all sizes and styles.


Everyone should have a water bottle to carry with them especially if they are going to be walking for a long distance in the heat. Water holders for your bottle of water come is different styles to fit your needs.

You’ll find some holders that are insulated and some are not if your walking very far you might want to consider the insulated style. Water holders come with a strap to attach to your waist for easy connivance without stopping.


It is very important that any one that is enjoying or thinking about starting a walking fitness exercise plan needs to have a good pair of shoes. Walking shoes will help prevent injuries and keep the feet happy. When buying walking shoes you need to make sure they are designed for walking and you have the proper fit. Your new shoe should be firm to hold it’s shape but bendable with a lot of cushion. You should get a pair that has a good arch because walking is hard on your arches and they can fall; also, if you are flat foot you need the good arch to help support your ankles. It is easy to be injured while walking such as sprain ankles and pulled muscles, which can be reduced by having a good pair of shoes.


A pedometer is nice to have if your walking fitness plan is taking steps. These will record how many steps you take and will help you keep track of your heart rate and blood pressure while walking. You can buy a pedometer wherever exercise equipment is bought.

Cloths are important if walking at dusk or after dark If you plan on walking in the evenings be sure you have the proper clothing. Walking is ok but be aware of the traffic that might be close by. Wear clothing that are reflective or carry something. You want fitness not an accident. There is many different supplies you can buy for walking fitness but none is really needed except walking shoes and a lot of motivation. Walk your way to greater health and enjoy it.