Treatments for Eczema

Unfortunately there is no cure for eczema. This is certainly disheartening for those individuals who suffer from it. However, there are several treatments available via a prescription from a doctor as well as over the counter treatments for eczema. There are also measures that can be taken at home to minimize the number of eczema outbreaks or the severity of the outbreaks such as eliminating or minimizing environmental allergens that trigger eczema.

There are treatments for eczema that can help people manage their condition. It is important to remember a treatment that works for one person may not work for another because eczema is different for everyone. One of the common treatments for eczema is an emollient. This treatment is used once the eczema is under control. Emollients help to prevent the skin from losing too much water which in turn prevents dry, itchy skin. Emollients used as treatments for eczema act as a barrier and helps to make the skin feel better. Emollients can be in the form of an ointment, a cream, a lotion and also a soap substitute.

Treatments for eczema also include steroids, both topical and oral. When an individual has an eczema outbreak, the skin becomes inflamed. Using a steroid cream can reduce this inflammation. Topical steroids are used as treatments for eczema in most all cases. Topical steroid creams come in various strengths for the various levels of severity of the eczema. For very severe cases of eczema, especially for individuals where topical steroids weren’t effective, some doctors will prescribe oral steroids as a treatment for eczema. Oral steroids can have side-effects so for the individual taking them, it is essential they be closely monitored.

These are currently the most common treatments for eczema available. There are ongoing studies and research regarding eczema and frequently there are new drugs and treatments for eczema introduced. To learn more about this skin disorder, symptoms and treatment options, visiting the numerous medical websites on the Internet can help gain very beneficial information.