Stay fit

You do not need Rock Hard Abs or Bulging Muscles to be fit. And you don't need a personal exercise trainer or live your life around exercising. People do need to reset their minds in to getting in shape in a smart sensible way...unless they choose to live at a GYM. [edit] Steps

1. Look around and see all the exercise that we could be getting right at home. However, we first need to reset our minds in to getting back to our daily lives, instead of focusing on going to the Gym; or spending money on costly exercise equipment.

2. While we are working on changing the way that we think, it is important that we all realize the importance of how we eat. Although, there are so many new studies that tell us something different everyday about food, we can figure some things out for ourselves; and find a plan that works for each of us as individuals.

3. Realize that it is crazy the way that TV portrays things, like someone that wears a size ten, gets down to a size a size ten was too Big, Not! Then to top it off shows us someone claiming to be in a size one, when it is obvious they are much bigger. But, naturally that will get blamed away by saying TV adds (ten to fifteen) pounds on you; and if that's the case, then some people on TV look like spaghetti noodles. Plus if that's the case, well some of the Movie Stars that are claiming to be over weight aren't, it's just TV...if they stayed off TV (they would look thinner); therefore, they would lose weight automatically...and a career.

4. Now that we are done resetting our minds lets look at simple (good old fashion) home chores to stay fit; such as sweeping the porch, pulling weeds by hand, trimming hedges, wiping down the counter tops in the kitchen, taking down curtains and washing them, feather dusting the walls, dusting and polishing furniture. There is always something to do around the house that will keep you fit; thus you'll have a clean environment in which to live... plus you'll stay healthy and looking good.

5. Now since you are already working out, why not take time out from chores and hop on an exercise bike to take yourself for a ride; then later while relaxing (in front of the tube) do a few simple curls with a small dumb bell...while being proud of all that you accomplished in a days time.

6. If you are a video game fan, buy Dance dance revolutioin or if you have a wii, buy wii fit. They are fun and a GREAT ways to excercise. It provides a challenge and you also have music to listen too.

7. If you are hyper and bored and stuck at home, jump around the house. Literally hop. Anything that causes you to sweat will help you turn body fat into muscle or just burn it off. [edit] Tips * Be sure to stay focused on that old saying that "you are what you eat" find a food plan that works for time it will become a way of life for'll learn to love the self-control and improvements that you have made.

* You can spend a lot of money on staying fit or stay busy improving your living environment...while staying fit at the same is up to you. * Keep in mind that movement is exercising, such as when you are wiping down a counter top...your hand and arm should be moving in a circular directions...which helps to keep them arms in shape...add a few basic arm movements in with it, and you are on your way (to having toned arms).

* You have probably heard or may hear someone say that they walk a lot; then somebody else will come along and say that it is not the right type of walking that they are doing, in which don't make a whole lot of is common knowledge that (walking is still putting one foot in front of the other) that is unless there is a new way of walking that just hasn't been heard of yet.

* When away from home, park your car a distance from where that you need to go, such as the grocery store, etc., each step is in the right direction to staying fit. * In this Huge World that we live in there is plenty of room for all shapes and sizes of people; but at the same time, living as healthy as we can will make our time here all the better.