Reducing the Itch – an Eczema Treatment

There are several medical treatments available for eczema. The three most common treatments are emollients, topical steroids and oral steroids. Besides these the doctors may also prescribe an eczema treatment such as an anti-histamine to help reduce inflammation. They might also recommend bandaging the affected area with wet wraps to help the dryness and itching. Some people who suffer with eczema use ultra violet light therapy as an eczema treatment. There are many options available today to help those who suffer with this irritating, skin condition.

When children have eczema, the itchiness is very tormenting. This can be frustrating for both the child and the parent. Reducing the itch, no matter how it’s done is a wonderful eczema treatment. There are different methods of reducing the itchiness and also ways to insure the skin doesn’t become damaged from the frequent scratching. One way to reduce itching is to make sure the child wears cotton clothes which will keep their skin cool because it can breathe easier through cotton.

Cotton bedding will help at night to prevent itching. Reducing the itch as an eczema treatment may require changing the normal laundry detergent to a non-biological washing powder. When doing laundry it’s also essential to stay away from using fabric softeners. It’s a shame that kids have to develop skin disorders like eczema. It can be quite hard to teach small children not to scratch when the itching is driving them crazy. Distraction works well with children and throughout the day it’s important to keep them busy in attempt to keep them from scratching. Once you put children to bed, unless the parent is going to sit up all night and watch them, it’s impossible to keep their hands away from the eczema. However using cotton mittens at night on the child’s hands can certainly cut down on the potential damage scratching can cause. Finding ways to reduce the itching is imperative when you have young children with eczema.