Mixing Vrikshasana with Karate

Yoga teaches us how to practice the tree and move to the Karate Kid.
Vrikshasana (Tree Posture) is a yogic method that teaches one how to balance the body. The concept of the Tree Posture is to help one achieve stability and proper posture. Tree yoga enhances strength, particularly in the shoulders, arms, legs, etc, and opens the groins and hips by relaxing and loosening them up. Tree Posture enhances concentration and awareness. In addition, the process will calm the body and mind.

How to do the tree:
Yogini and Yogi, uses practice the tree by standing in yoga’s Mountain Posture. Once in position Yogini and Yogi exhales and bend the left knee so that it is placed at the left foot sole. Yogini and Yogi Points their toes down, and places them inside the right leg. Once more, the toes rest between the knee and groins. Yogini and Yogi inhales and bring his/her arms up so that they extend above the head. The arms align. Yogini and Yogi bring their palms together. As Yogini and Yogi Positions, he/she relaxes the arms and begins focusing on an area in the room. The focus extends, which Yogini and Yogi continue while breathing naturally. Next, repeat the steps on the opposite side.

Once Yogini and Yogi Masters Vrikshasana he/she moves to the karate kid. The karate kid helps by improving inclusive stability and balance. In addition, karate kid strengthens the arms, legs, and shoulders while opening up the hips.

How to perform the karate kid:
Yogini and Yogi, stands in yoga’s Mountain Position and inhales. Next, Yogini and Yogi lift the arms in the balancing them with the shoulders and the round. Yogini and Yogi, forms a T, which targets the torso. Next, Yogini and Yogi stabilize self and focus on an area in the room up to twelve feet.

Yogini and Yogi exhales and bend the left knee as he/she lift the knee in the direction of the chest. Yogini and Yogi hold the right leg straight and remain in step while counting up to eight breaths. Yogini and Yogi, repeats the karate kid on the right knee.

NOTE: Perhaps you’ve seen the CRANE, which is a karate act. Karate kid is similar to this stance, only the palms of the hands are flat.

Once yogin has completed steps in the Tree Posture and Karate Kid, only then can he move toward the spirits that set his soul free. Yoga is the process of delivering the body and mind from chains that trap the general population. One of the more complex versions of yoga must be reached when practicing yogic methods. Dhyana is one of the extreme levels in yogic practice, since Dhyana extends beyond Samadhi. Once Yogi and Yogini masters the easier segments of yoga, thus he/she can train in Dhyana, which helps them to reach a level of dependency on meditation. The ultimate mission is to reach a level where one has complete control over the body, mind, and spirit.

Next, we can learn yoga through meditation. Most of us find it difficult to meditate.

Meditation includes thought, consideration, deliberation, contemplation, reflection, and rumination. The thought process is a prime focus since it helps us to discover our roots, which include ideas, attention, reflections, inspiration, opinions, concepts, beliefs, theories, etc, and all relate to one’s existence. Yoga teaches us to advance thinking processes and moving us to reflect on areas of one’s persona that hinders this one from growing strong and healthy. When one learns to meditate, he moves to consider posture, breathing, meditation awareness, and attitude.