Lung Cancer Treatment

Once a definite lung cancer diagnosis is made and the stage screening process is complete, the next course of action is deciding which treatment would work best for the individual patient. There are several treatment options available for each stage of lung cancer. The decision for lung cancer treatment needs to be made by a treatment team and the patient. The patient should always have a say in their lung cancer treatment.

If the cancer is localized, surgery can provide the best lung cancer treatment. Surgery is not a cure but can treat problems resulting from the cancer. During the course of a cancer diagnosis, most people will have some type of surgery. Surgery using in lung cancer treatment is broken down into three types. The first type of surgery called curative surgery is meant to remove the entire tumor from the affective area. In the case of lung cancer treatment this may require removing a portion or all, of the affected lung. The second type of surgery called debulking surgery is intended to remove a portion of the affected lung when it’s impossible to remove the entire cancerous tumor. The portion that’s left will require an alternate lung cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation.

The third surgery type is called palliative surgery and is meant to ease the discomfort or disability caused by a cancerous tumor..As mentioned, another type of lung cancer treatment is chemotherapy. This treatment combines strong chemical and/or drugs in an attempt to halt the reproduction and growth of cancer cells. Chemotherapy is often used as a lung cancer treatment combined with surgery or radiation therapy. Again the extent of the chemotherapy treatment depends on the tumor, the patient and their general health. Chemotherapy drugs are taken orally or intravenously.

Radiation therapy is also used for lung cancer treatment. This treatment, using high-energy x-rays, is intended to halt the growth of cancer cells and/or kill them. Radiation therapy is normally given over a period of time, weeks or months, providing time for health tissue cells to renew themselves. This lung cancer treatment is also used often with chemotherapy and/or surgery. With the ongoing research regarding cancer, there are other types of lung cancer treatment now available. To learn more about what is available, consult with a doctor or check out the many cancer-related websites on the worldwide web