Lung Cancer Prevention

There is so much talk in the media today about lung cancer prevention. There is a good reason for all of this since every year hundreds of people are dying from this dreadful disease. Lung cancer prevention is indeed a hot topic and hopefully the message being relayed to the audience is accepted and put into practice. Lung cancer prevention involves individual lifestyle modification. If desiring to decrease the chance of developing lung cancer there are several changes a person can make and preventative measures to take also.

Studies have shown that the biggest percentage of lung cancer is developed by people who smoke. Quitting smoking will greatly reduce the chances of developing this disease. To a person who has never smoked, this may seem a small step to take to prevent lung cancer. However because nicotine is such an addictive drug, quitting smoking can be extremely tough. If persistent, it may take several attempts but eventually the individual will quit permanently.

Nowadays there’s been a focus placed on second-hand smoke and lung cancer. Quitting smoking is a great preventative measure for lung cancer for the smoker and everyone around them. It is believe that long-term exposure to carcinogens such as radon gas and asbestos increases a person’s chances of developing cancer. In order to eliminate the risk, people can remove themselves from situations where these materials are being used. This may mean changing jobs for some individuals but if it encourages lung cancer prevention, it’s definitely worth it.

There is ongoing research being done regarding lung cancer including the development of preventative measures for people who display a high risk for this disease. One preventative measure is called chemoprevention. To learn more about this lung cancer prevention practice and the disease itself, visit one of the many cancer-related websites on the Internet.