Laya Yoga

How it works

Laya according to those who practice has its limitations. The goal of Laya is to achieve complete control over one’s mentality. In summary, Laya, like Hatha yoga is the introductory to becoming in complete control of one’s mind, including the emotions and psychological channels. Laya takes one to the highest state of mind when used correctly. The highest state being the “Samadhic trance,” takes one out of animation thinking into the world of reality.

To perform Laya correctly, one must reach the Samadhic Trance state, otherwise the level of discipline is disturbed. Laya is difficult to relate to when one has not come to agreements with the resurrection, simply because Great Yogin’ who practice Laya believe that succumbing to Laya means to submit oneself to Jesus, or Shakti and to the men who have long passed away; that your soul/spirit/body/mind will return to the world repeatedly.

In yogic terms, the mission of Laya is to advance to the higher yogic. The higher yogic will take one beyond the channels of man’s evolutionary beliefs, and beyond the deceptive, exciting allures of the worldly portrayal, called Sangsaric in yogic terms. In addition, the higher yogic powers, takes one beyond his own existence in an effort to end the rebirth of human physical stage through karmic methods. Laya moves forward by taking the mind to the highest state possible and into the beliefs that incarnation only continues when it becomes the choice of our own. The highest achievement, once karmic states have passed takes one to the Greatest Conquest of our abilities, which gives birth to the Mother Earth. At this point, the mind is lead to believe that it is the next leader in the world that guides others to the yogic Nirvanic Mission.

Laya is also known as the energy of Kundalini. The energy is achieved through the development of Chakras, and through the system of Shaivic.

Within the scheme is a plan to absorb, as well as dissolve negative thinking, and difficult emotions while liberating the mind and body from the many problems and obstacles that stand in our way. The energy is dissolved through Karman rules, which destroys under develop fruits of the higher power, or Divinity of Spirituality.

Laya yogic methods provide us a few meanings, which one yogic strategy melts the negative energies, obstacles, etc, through exercise from the mind and body. The motive is to move toward sound body and mind, while finding good health. Laya also uses strategies to dissolve all the absorbed negative energies through practice, which includes the Vedic (Vaidika Laya) or Tantric Scheme.

Vedic Defined:

Vedic or Vedas is an Indian Religion that contains, or refers to Vedas. The term belongs to cultures that produce Vedas, which includes the Hindu, and the ancient Sanskrit. The languages of the Sanskrit belong to written scrolls

Vedas in terms is a Hindu holy text, which comes from the collection of “Aryan Hymns.” The original copies where transmitted verbally, yet written in sacred books that date back to the 6th Century Before Christ. (B.C.)

Laya is the introductory to Dhyana, Raja and its neighbor, as well as the introductory to Jiiana, Karma, and Kundalini. Once you have mastered Laya, yogin can move forward to master sisters of its kind. Laya, like Hatha Yoga, is a temperament that fits into one’s world, by helping them to profit with good health and mind control.

To learn more about Laya and related methods in yogic languages consider the philosophy of the spiritual goals, which include the treatise of the “Yogabija,” Aikya, Kshterajna, and Kshtera.