How to Recognize Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms are so mild in some women that they often fail to recognize them. Other women find their pregnancy symptoms so severe that they have no doubt about the pregnancy even before visiting a physician. Many women suffer with all of the pregnancy symptoms. A few find that they have almost none of them.

The most obvious pregnancy symptom is when menstruation ceases. This is an easy sign for women to recognize who have always had regular periods. Women who have had irregular periods most of their lives must watch for other pregnancy symptoms.

Another common pregnancy symptom is morning sickness. This symptom is so named because many women wake up feeling ill or are unable to keep down their breakfast. Although morning sickness does not occur during the morning hours in all mothers, this is an unpleasant symptom generally experienced early in the pregnancy. This pregnancy symptom may be any combination of heartburn, nausea, or vomiting.

Swelling is also a pregnancy symptom. The breasts may become sore and swollen, similar to what women experience just before menstruation. The stomach and thighs also retain water. Sometimes the rings on a woman’s fingers even become tighter. This bloated feeling can be a pregnancy symptom that signals to a woman that she may be carrying a new life.

Some women insist that they first knew they were pregnant by the appearance and condition of their breasts. Enlarged breasts are a common pregnancy symptom. Women notice that just placing their arms on their breasts is uncomfortable. Also, many women say that their nipples become larger, and the surrounding area darkens significantly.

Men sometimes notice some of the pregnancy symptoms before their partners do. For example, many women become more emotional when pregnant. Because of shifting hormones in their bodies, they have trouble controlling their feelings and sometimes cry more often.

These shifting hormones also cause other pregnancy symptoms. Early in a pregnancy women experience fatigue and often feel the need to rest. They may have trouble rising in the morning or may need to nap more often. They may also have a more frequent need to urinate. Also, some women suggest that their sense of smell is heightened during pregnancy.

These symptoms of pregnancy are just guides that lead a woman to think she is pregnant. The only way to be sure is by getting a pregnancy test or seeing a doctor.