Famous people stand up and speak out against eating disorders.

Battling an eating disorder is a very long and painful process. And although many celebrities have worked hard to bring the subject of eating disorders out into the open, we still hear of celebrities battling their own eating disorders.

This reinforces the fact, which everybody including celebrities, is subject to the pitfalls of society’s unrealistic image of what beauty is. All too often, the pressure to meet society’s ideal of body image, due to their public life, has made eating disorders more prevalent for those who are in the public eye.

The topic of eating disorders came out into the open, as the singer/songwriter Karen Carpenter, openly battled for her recovery of Anorexia Nervosa. Sadly, she lost her battle but did open the doors and bring awareness about eating disorders into the light.

Since then, more and more celebrities who have had eating disorders, are being brave and standing up to talk about their experiences, in the hopes of preventing other people from following in their footsteps. Sharing their experiences and the recovery process, has not only helped them work through their recovery, but in turn, potentially has been of help to someone else. It also assists, with changing societies image of what an ideal woman should look like.

Although the media tends to sensationalize celebrities who have eating disorders, solely for increased sales of papers and magazines, unfortunately the coverage stops once a celebrity is actively recovering.

Celebrities are in a position however, to share their stories and many of them have in an open and honest manner, hoping that their story may save at least one person from developing an eating disorder.

Society tends to blame those who are in the public light, perhaps it’s because it’s easier to have someone to point a finger at. But having an eating disorder is a private and personal issue, which affects young, as well as the old, it affects the rich and the poor. If someone suffers from an eating disorder, the eating disorder cares nothing for status or of fame.

Many celebrities have battled and overcome eating addictions, a good many of them have made it and there are some who did not. And while those who have, are very outspoken about eating disorder awareness, unfortunately for the person in the midst of an eating disorder, much of the advice falls on deaf ears, at least prior to seeking treatment and recovery.

There are many lists that tell you which celebrity had an eating disorder and what type, which are available on the Internet. The majority of those who have succeeded in recovery have written about their experiences in books. Their experiences can help a person who wants to recover and one person at a time, one life at a time; their experiences can assist with changing societies warped image of what beauty is.