Choices Available for an Unwanted Pregnancy

An unwanted pregnancy occurs for many reasons. Often a couple fails to use birth control, and a pregnancy results. Sometimes birth control is used but fails to prevent conception. According to package inserts, the failure rate of birth control runs anywhere from 0.1% to 18%. Whatever the reason for an unwanted pregnancy, women everywhere struggle to deal with the consequences.

Counseling is always a good first step when a woman is dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. The counselor can help her think through each aspect of the decision and deal with her emotions. The counselor can also explain the various choices the woman has when an unwanted pregnancy has occurred.

The most obvious choice when an unwanted pregnancy happens is for the woman to carry the child to term. Many women find motherhood a great adventure even without the support of a partner. If a woman has the determination to provide for a child, the government has a support system in place that will allow her to raise it. This takes a real commitment on the part of the mother. Without it, both the mother and child will suffer physically, mentally, and socially.

Another choice for a woman with an unwanted pregnancy is adoption. Placing a child into the arms of a couple who fiercely desires it is often a satisfying solution to an unwanted pregnancy. The real mother then knows that she has done her best to provide her baby with a good home. Currently, a mother can even place the child in an open adoption process where she may later receive news from it or even visit periodically.

Abortion, completely terminating the pregnancy, is the most controversial option for a woman who has an unwanted pregnancy. She must be willing to deal with her own conscience as well as the collective conscience of society. She may experience a long term sadness, feelings of emptiness or loss. However, relief that the unwanted pregnancy has ended may override the more negative emotions.

Whatever decision a woman makes concerning an unwanted pregnancy, she must be able to live with it for a lifetime. She needs to be very confident in her decision before taking action.