Battling Fear with Yoga

How to master fear Yoga helps one to battle fear. The process is moving, yet one must master all aspects of yogic methods to achieve his highest peak. Yogic methods start at Hatha, yet one must move to Maya, and come to realize his dream state. Once he understands his dream state without removing content, thus yogin processes his findings to abandon his feelings of dread and/or fear. For instance, if yogin has a dream that someone is hunting him to kill, yogin would transmute the dream to find meaning without permitting the dream to afflict his state of awakening, or mind. In summary, yogin does not allow the fear to control him, rather uses the fear to discover his dream.

Yogin moves to transmute all things that come in his dream state and awaken state. Yogin uses strategy through yogic practices to reduce the size of larger problems, and to see all angles of the smaller objects. Yogin continues his process until he masters his dread and fear.

How it works:

To help you see the logic behind yoga teachings we can consider your fears. What is the worst fear you dread? Do you fear fire? If you fear fire, can you turn that fire into water? Do you fear heights? If so, can you stretch your fear to see that heights have grand rewards? For instance, if you take a trip on a 747, can you realize that you are 40,000 feet in the air and that it is a reward to be as close to Heaven?

In summary, we must look at the larger picture, or all angles of the pie to remove fears that trap the mind and body. Fear is the number one reason that people fail in life, that people kill in life, that people are mentally disturbed, etc.

Remove the fears and realize that the power is not in your hands, but that of your Divine Father and you will start to feel relief. Thus, relief brings in wellness. One of the major reasons that people find it difficult to master their fears is because the fears hide in the subconscious mind. Yogic methods teach one to come to realize the “All-Consciousness.” Once you reach this state of yogic, you begin to see the fears that bury themselves in the subconscious. Now you see alarm, but are the alarm a stretch to terror, which could put you in danger? Probably not, yet you realize that the supernatural world poses threat to your emotions, therefore, you realize, come to grips, and remove your fears. What is fear mean to you?

Fear causes worry, anxiety, nightmares, etc. Fear goes future, yet the upside of fear is the positive reflections, which include concern. I have concern for my younger child, for example is not a negative fear, rather a thought that will drive logic and common sense home. That is if the person does not allow the fear to expand to phobia, excessive anxiety, etc.

How to master fear:

Again, one must master fear to move toward wellness. We see that yogic methods, such as breathing naturally, meditation, posture, attitude all play a part in the steps to wellness. Yet, how does it work. First, one must realize that practice is the steps to success. Once you learn to practice the steps of yogic, you move toward discovering your fears. The start of discovering takes one to acceptance. Once you reach acceptance, you move out of denial, and gradually the emotions will simmer as your mind takes full control, using power intellect.