At Home Fitness Equipment

A Must for Every Generation Last month my 81 year old father admitted himself to the hospital. He was having difficulty breathing and thought he had pneumonia. As they were hooking him up to probes and performing all kinds of tests the doctor wanted to know what kind of drugs and meds he was taking. Aspirin. My father said “Aspirin” and the room exploded. They talked about him, “the man who only takes aspirin” all over the hospital. They probably still are …

Dad is a member of “The Greatest Generation” a.k.a one of the healthiest generations. They had more food and better medical care than earlier generations and more exercise, less fast food, fat and sugar than mine. If it wasn’t for the wars, the smoking and the drinking, they would probably all still be alive. The rest of us aren’t fairing so well. Baby Boomers, Baby Busters, Generation Jones, Generation X & Y, Boomerangs, iGens, the Content Generation … we don’t eat right, mainline sweets and caffeine, and sit a lot. We sit in cars to get to work. We sit at work all day then all night chatting in on-line forums, clicking on gossip or glued to our big screen T.V.s.

We keep our kids by our sides because out there – outside where there are no T.V.s, couches, chairs or computers - well that just isn’t safe. Do you know that saying – Serenity to accept the things we can’t change and courage to change the things we can? Today, have the courage to change one thing. The exercise/fitness thing. It is easy. Just type 3 little words into your internet browser “home fitness equipment.” Then follow the leads until you find the right equipment at the right price from the right supplier. Then, bring it home. Once you have the right equipment the rest is super easy. Only exercise the muscles you want to use 5-10-20 years from now.

Or, it can be the start of taking your health “ON.’ Maybe one day you’ll end up in a hospital stunning the staff by the fact that you aren’t obese or diabetic, chronically fatigued, depressed, suffering from heart disease or bent in two by osteoporosis Health. If it is to be it is up to thee.